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We have classes for 2 year olds to adults, with a full programme of lessons including street, hip-hop, breakdance, freestyle, contemporary, musical theatre, tap, ballet and adult fitness from beginners level to advanced.



Ballet is the foundation of all good dancers. It helps with strength, poise, turnout and flexibility. Ballet Classes at Vibez follow the IDTA syllabus learning exercises in Ballet technique and expressive movement.


Tap is a great way to learn co-ordination, a sense of rhythm, syncopation and for strengthening and loosening ankle and leg muscles. Tap classes at Vibez follow the IDTA syllabus learning tap exercises and dance routines.


Modern Jazz is a core subject in dance; it develops physical strength and flexibility by following and learning exercises, isolations and sequences. The body will learn how to contract, expand and relax allowing the dancer to express the music. CONTEMPORARY DANCE closely relates to Modern Jazz as well as ballet using floor work, fall and recovery and strong and controlled leg work gained from Modern Jazz technique.


Freestyle is a very popular form of dance and is a fun and energetic dance style. It involves spins, kicks, leaps and acro work. In freestyle classes we aim to warm the body up and stretch to increase flexibility needed for many freestyle moves. A well limbered body for advanced freestyle is essential. SLOW FREESTYLE/LYRICAL allows the dancer to express themselves through music using softer arm lines and choreography.


Street Choreography at Vibez consists of dancers learning street dance routines in a mixture of street and funk styles including Hip-Hop, Waacking and House. Street dance classes are a fun and energetic place to meet friends and dance to current chart music inspired by artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce and Chris Brown.


Poppin’ dancers learn to quickly contract and relax muscles to create a jerking effect in the dancer’s body. Poppin’ can be concentrated on specific body parts, arm pops, leg pops, chest pops and neck pops. This dance style also includes the robot and waving.


Lockin’ is a style of funk dance, today associated with Hip Hop. The name is based on the concept of locking which means freezing from a fast movement and locking into a certain position. Lockin is a great performing dance style and a lot of Lockin’ performances can be comical.


Musical Theatre classes are a must for any budding West End star! Musical Theatre classes at Vibez incorporate singing, dance and performance technique. Musical Theatre is very popular, learning numbers from shows including ‘The Lion King, Matilda and Chicago’. At Vibez we have Hayley our singing teacher who comes in once a month for vocal training and she can also be booked for one to one sessions.


Breakin’ is a fun class which builds strength and performance while learning lots of Breakin moves including top rock, down rock, power moves and freezes. Breakin at Vibez encourages dancers to freestyle to the beat, building confidence, as well as learning crew routines for shows and carnivals.


Waacking is a form of dance consisting of fast arm movements over and behind the shoulder. Waacking originated in the disco era but now is mostly associated with ‘Street Dance’. Waacking involves posing and other footwork patterns.


House dance is mainly danced to ‘house music’ which is a very popular style at the minute. ‘Jacking’ is a fundamental of house dance. House dance involves very fast and complex footwork whilst the torso remains relaxed and fluid. This is a great style of dance for a fun, energetic workout.


Rock n Roll classes at Vibez are lots of fun for children of all ages. A very fast paced style of dance, usually dancing with a partner, practising lifts and footwork as well as learning choreographed routines with lots of hand shaking and jiving!


Cheerleading is for the juniors at Vibez. Classes include learning and practising safe stunt work and chants and learning to use the Pom Poms in the squad routines. Classes consist of warming up and practising Cheer steps including Marching and Arm movements as well as limbered work including kicks and jumps, forward rolls and cartwheels.